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Antelope Audio - Orion Studio Synergy Core | 16x26 TB Audio Interface

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Antelope Audio - Orion Studio Synergy Core | 16x26 TB Audio Interface

Antelope Audio - Orion Studio Synergy Core | 16x26 TB Audio Interface


About the Product:


      Pro Audio Powerhouse - Rackmount 14x24 thunderbolt 3 interface & USB audio interface for Mac/Windows with 12 discrete preamps and 50 real-time plugins included. (Thunderbolt cable not included)

      Unleash Studio Your Audio Potential - The heart of your studio audio recording - Immersive sound provided by 12 discrete ultra-linear preamps with 75dB max gain and Direct-In function allowing you to bypass the preamp architecture and record directly through the converter. On the AD/DA stage, you have converters with up to 130 dB and the same Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) technology from Antelope Audio’s legendary master clocks, such as Isochrone Trinity.

      Analog Plugin Collection - 50 real-time analog-modeled plugins included - The plugin library consists of emulations of most coveted and hard-to-find studio analog gear from around the world. The collection spans from a rare Austrian-born EQ to legendary British solid-state audio processors. A growing library of expansions is available to you in the Antelope software store.

      Onboard processing – Apply the plugins of our audio interface recording while mixing or tracking live with near zero latency. Work on a session with up to 256 plugins loaded simultaneously without CPU load and no need for external DSP accelerators - made possible by the Synergy Core onboard platform for real-time plugin processing.

      Synergy Core Native 1-Year Free Subscription, an ever expanding library of world-class plug-ins that run on Windows & Mac, no hardware required.

      Other connections - Sixteen DC-coupled line outs on DB25, two analog inserts, two reamp outs, S/PDIF & two ADAT, word clock I/O, two stereo headphone outs and two stereo monitor outs.



Product Description


Next Evolution

The FX Processing Beast

Orion Studio Synergy Core Thunderbolt 3 Interface and USB Audio Interface brings our recently pioneered Synergy Core FX processing platform to its next stage of evolution. With two proprietary Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) chips and a whopping six ARM-based DSP processors on board, the sheer computing power contained in this interface is astounding!


No Latency

Enjoy Latency-Free Direct Monitoring over 4 independent internal mixers with 32 assignable inputs and stereo outputs.


Immense Analog & Digital Flexibility

Record high-impedance instruments through four Hi-Z inputs and reamp DI tracks through the special purpose ReAmp outputs and take advantage of all 16 line outputs (on DB25 connectors).


Go Direct

All Orion Studio Synergy Core analog inputs have the Direct-In feature to let you bypass preamp controls and record line-in signals directly into the converters. Get ready to hear the truth!


USB 2.0 & Thunderbolt 3 Connection

With both Thunderbolt 3 and usb audio interface for pc connectivity, the Orion Studio Synergy Core works with any DAW, on any modern Windows or macOS computer.


12 Discrete Preamps

The outcome of a long, hard look into iconic microphone preamp circuitry, our discrete transistor press honor the finest audio engineering practices while sounding absolutely exceptional. They also bring out the best in our Edge & Verge modeling condenser microphones, for vocal and instrument recording that truly keeps up with the times.


Expandable Fx Library

Adding further value to your investment, the Оrion Studio Synergy Core includes a compelling library of 51 real-time studio effects, meticulously modeled after their hardware originals. It’s all happening inside your audio interface for recording music with the lowest latency possible thanks to FPGA’s massive parallel computing capabilities, DSP processing, and fast Thunderbolt connectivity. The library can be expanded to include any effects you choose from our web store.